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STEM Assessments: Challenges, Opportunities, and Best Practices for 2021

In collaborazione con SAM LABS

With over 36 years of combined education experience, Ashley Waring, Emily Deffenbaugh, Jennifer Byrom, and Mackenzie Meixner will guide you through the challenges in assessing for STEM / STEAM, how to make STEAM assessments work in your classroom, and how to use research-backed rubrics to guide further instruction.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

• Challenges in assessing for STEM/STEAM

• Making STEAM assessments work in your classroom

• Using research-backed rubrics to guide further instruction


Assessments are a vital tool for measuring a student's learning and identifying where to set goals and drive instruction based on the assessment data. When it comes to STEM and STEAM assessments, there are additional challenges not always present in pen-and-paper tasks.

Our free rubrics will:

• Help you develop a cross-curricular and transdisciplinary-driven learning process for K-8 students.

• Deploy assessments for the following areas: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Citizenship, Character, and Technology.

• Quantify learning for complex STEAM assignment or individual IEP goals.

• Target a specific attribute you want your students to grow in across subject areas, or pursue an interdisciplinary approach on a complex STEM project.

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