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METEOROLOGICAL DATA FOR SUSTAINABILITY: support to adaptation strategies

in collaborazione con World Meteorological Organization e Comune di Milano

This year's edition of STEMintheCity is mainly focused on the concept of environmental sustainability, which finds in digital innovation its main supporter to satisfy the needs of the planet.

The use of weather services can have a strong impact both on the planning and resilience capabilities of the city of Milan, highlighting the growing importance of technological innovation in climate-related processes.

Meteorological services are essential to understand, manage and mitigate the threats that come from climate change, but also to reduce the city's vulnerability in order to facilitate adaptation actions and monitoring their effects.

Roberta Cocco – Deputy Mayor for Digital Transformation and Services to Citizens, Municipality of Milan
Oksana Tarasova - Atmospheric Environment Research Division Science and Innovations Department World Meteorological Organization
Marina Trentin - Dp. Resilient Cities, Municipality of Milan

Lisa Bitossi - Dp. Resilient Cities, Municipality of Milan


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