28 apr  dalle 00:00  alle 00:00
Scuola secondaria di 2° grado, Università

Cybersecurity: challenges, threats and opportunities for a professional life

Promosso da Università Bocconi in collaborazione con ECSO - European Cyber Security Organisation e Intesa Sanpaolo

Martedì 28 aprile, ore 14.00

  1. what is cybersecurity?
  2. the stakes of cybersecurity and ict
  3. cyber threats and the dark web
  4. hacking - white & black
  5. the jobs in ict and cybersecurity: the view and the needs from a user

In an increasingly digital society, one of the main threats comes from the "digital" world. For this reason, awareness in the use of the internet is constantly growing.

In this scenario, what will be the challenges that professionals of the future will face?

We will see together what cybersecurity is, the risks that derive from the world of the web and how the world of work is changing its need for new professions.

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